Increase Your Stock Market Profits with Dynamic Trading Stops

This simple-to-use tool tells you when to sell a stock to lock in profits or cut losses. No emotional decisions. No doubt. No regrets. Just consistently strong profits.

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The #1 challenge investors face is knowing when to sell. ProfitLocker Pro is the solution.

If you’re like most investors, knowing When to Sell a stock is the most difficult part of trading.
Avoid the top 4 selling mistakes…

  1. Watch winners turn to losers
  2. Take profits too early and miss out on big gains
  3. Hold on to losers and watch them become BIG losers
  4. Set stops too tight, selling right before a stock blasts off

ProfitLocker Pro can help you protect your profits, earn bigger returns and minimize painful losses.
Always know when to sell any stock at just the right time.

Computer, tablet, & smart phone

Simple to Use

ProfitLocker Pro connects directly to your brokerage account then analyzes the volatility of each stock you own. There’s a simple interface that works in seconds.

Brokerage accounts

Currently supporting US and CA brokers.

Protecting You From Losses

ProfitLocker Pro automatically chooses the right stop for your stock. It is entirely free of any conflicts of interest or quotas or back-office ties to specific companies. So you get unbiased, objective, factual information on when exactly to sell. It’s based on our proven successful, proprietary algorithm designed to maximize profits in that particular stock at that particular time…while PROTECTING YOU FROM LOSSES before they get out of hand.

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    ProfitLocker Pro will:

    Automatically set stops customized for each position in your portfolio.

  • Identify any stocks you should sell to take profits or cut losses.

  • Display and track your stop on a chart.

  • Monitor your portfolio and alert you whenever it’s time to exit a position.

  • Eliminate emotion, stress or trading anxiety for the next 14-days for free.

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